Friday , 2 December 2022
A Day of Games

A Day of Games

Games - July #4 - webSo the other weekend I went to Appleatchee, which is a local riding club and stable, to watch some team roping and noticed they were also having a gaming event.

Games - July #7 - web

So while the ropers went on lunch break, I sat down in a nice grassy hill at the end of the arena. Then I thought to myself…. “Why in the world does this guy put that baton in his mouth? I mean doesn’t he know how many hands have touched it or how many drops into the arena dirt it’s taken?” But then again, I’d probably do the same thing just so I could have two hands to ride those powerful beasts.

Games - July #12 - web

I thought it’d be cool to take some pics from a different angle.

Games - July #14 - web

And this is what I got… well, yes the pics turned out pretty cool, if you don’t mind clumps of dirt on your camera and in your hair! Of course I don’t mind dirt, actually, I think it’s fun to play in the dirt every once in awhile.

Photos by Country Dove Photography
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