Sunday , 24 October 2021
A Stormy Night

A Stormy Night

Toby & the storm 8-2013

These last two weeks have been a mixture of fire, rain, hail, lightning, 100 degree temperatures, smoky, clear, and cloudy. Toby, my cat, doesn’t mind too much because he lives in a 72 degree house and never has to deal with all this crazy weather we have been having.

Rain 8-2013Here’s my first attempt of taking pictures of rain, well… at least through my living room window anyway. You see, I’d go out onto the porch and take them but I’m not about to get struck by lightning just for a good shot of rain!

Fire 8-2013 1And when the storm is all over, this is what you could end up seeing…

Fire 8-2013 2Not good…

Fire 8-2013 3A lightning strike can clean up old vegetation but it also can do some major damage… luckily this one died down quickly and wasn’t near any homes.

Photos by Country Dove Photography

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