Saturday , 27 November 2021


Welcome to Country Dove!

Thank you for stopping in to enjoy our little corner of the world. As a mother and daughter team, we love working next to each other to deliver quality and entertaining articles and photography for you to enjoy. Our goal is to keep you updated with local events and keep you inspired to get outdoors. Country Dove offers a variety of outdoor photography options and advertising opportunities for your business. We are artists, graphic designers, writers, photographers and horse women at heart. While we create our art inside, our inspiration comes from enjoying the great outdoors. Living in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley lends itself to many opportunities to photograph scenic backdrops and enjoy year round events.










  1. Marilyn Kittelman

    I would like to order photos, but I want to look through them as a group to pick the best of each horse. How do I accomplish that?
    If you can send them to me, I would like to see all of my horses at the last Bonina Show.
    $25,000 Novice & $5,000 Novice Horse – I Like Fast Cars
    Open Derby – Boonafied Royal T

  2. I just came across your site and LOVE it. The topics and photos are amazing.

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