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  • Chaps or Chinks

    Chaps or Chinks

    Cowboy attire usually includes a pair of chaps or chinks. If you’re new to the lingo you may t...

  • Growing Chicks

    Growing Chicks

    About a month ago, my cousin bought four new chicks for our little ranch. She felt bad after her lit...

  • Cascade Cow Cutter Shows

    Cascade Cow Cutter Shows

    If you’re looking for a shady spot to cool down this Summer then take advantage of the indoor ...

  • ’49er Days in Winthrop

    ’49er Days in Winthrop

    Celebrating its 71st year, Winthrop’s 49er Days is a celebration of our rich western and horse...

  • “Give a horse what he needs…”

    “Give a horse what he needs…”

      Order a canvas of this for your wall at ...

  • Boots, Spurs, and Broncs

    Boots, Spurs, and Broncs

    Labor Day weekend is always full of Rodeos and this last Monday was the Short Go in Ellensburg, Wash...

  • Secret to Fresh Veggies

    Secret to Fresh Veggies

    Do you want to keep your lettuce fresh for three times as long as normal? I used to store my lettuce...

Team Sorting August

Sorting Aug11-2013-05

 Getting ready for team sorting – moved to indoor arena – rainstorm last night drenched outdoor ... Read More »

Free at Last

Herd 1 - web

Do you feel like there is someone watching you? Like gazing into your soul? Well…you can ... Read More »

Girls Night Out Ride

Girls Night Ride Aug9-2013-14

 Lucky, Tessa’s first horse, still going strong Maddie learning how to groom a horse. Organizing ... Read More »

A Day of Games

Games - July #5 - web

So the other weekend I went to Appleatchee, which is a local riding club and ... Read More »

A Stormy Night

Rain 8-2013

These last two weeks have been a mixture of fire, rain, hail, lightning, 100 degree ... Read More »

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