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Chaps or Chinks

Chaps or Chinks

Cowboy attire usually includes a pair of chaps or chinks. If you’re new to the lingo you may think that chaps and chinks are the same thing. Let me explain…
Chaps are long, usually leather, leg coverings that run down the entire length of a persons leg. Suede might also be used instead of leather or a mix of fabrics. Two different style of chaps are called Batwing and Shotgun.
Shotgun chaps have a straight design like a shotgun barrel, hence the name. This style of chap is closed either by zipper, snaps, or buckles from the top of the chap all the way to the bottom of the cowboy’s leg. Shotgun chaps were most commonly used by cowboys due to the work they were doing.
Batwing chaps are pretty self explanatory…they tend to have more material and flare outward starting at the knee. Snaps, buckles or other fasteners hold the chaps in place from the top of the chap to about the knee.
chinksChinks are shorter in length but can be just as fancy as chaps. The photo above shows a pair of suede chinks with long fringe and conchos are added for detail.
Chaps and chinks can be made with leather or suede. The photo above shows leather chinks with long fringe and conchos.
Depending on your style, you might like more simple designs, no designs at all, or extravagant designs on your chaps or chinks. Others might add fringe, leather edging, conchos, and bling to their chaps.
Chaps and chinks can also be personalized with your name, brand, or logo. Go ahead…TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE!

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