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Country Dove Photography

Country Dove Photography

Mountain Men – gotta love ‘em     ©Jen Evenhus 2012

I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was 12 years old. It must have been one of those Instamatics with the square flashcubes – I know, I’m giving away my age, but it’s been a magical journey – living in a time when we have seen such drastic changes – beginning with the rolls of film you would send off to Kodak and receive back a week or two later, pulling the beautiful black and white prints out of the envelope – perfect rich blacks, luscious middle grays and pristine whites, and each photo trimmed with the white border. Then came the twin-lens reflex I used in high school. That was considered a photographer’s camera – it had a larger negative size for better quality. About the same time I used the single lens reflex Pentax that was my pride and joy. I can remember developing black and white negatives in the darkroom and then watching the images magically appear in the tray of developer under a red light.

I then moved up to a Nikon 2020 – still a film camera. Loved that camera. Fabulous photos. Nikons are work horses. I still have a lens or two from that camera that I occasionally use on my digital cameras. I stepped into serious portrait photography with a heavy Mamiya 645 Pro. That thing produced fabulous images. I used it for a few years until deciding that painting was more important than photography and the stress of shooting portraits wasn’t worth it. Well, I should have held on for two more short years – when digital cameras came on the scene.
When that happened I thought I had died and gone to heaven! What do you mean you can see the photo right after you take it!?!  So I put my Nikon 2020 in the camera bag and jumped into a Nikon D50. Amazing camera. But as technology changes overnight, the resolution was soon outdated along with other factors. I bit the bullet again last year and purchased the Nikon D7000. Another amazing machine, albeit much heavier than the D50. Love it. The 16.1 mp – the double card slot – the 18-200 Nikkor lens – all the features – and it’s a video camera to boot. After a year I’m still learning what all it can do.
And now my daughter is following in my footsteps. She helped shoot senior portraits last fall using the D50 and the client chose several of hers over mine! What’s up with that! We hauled our cameras up to Winthrop a couple weeks ago and she was having focusing issues with the D50 so I gave her the D7000.  After a few shots, she looked at me like, ‘you’ve been holding out on me!’ Ha.  I’d better keep my eye on my camera!
We can’t forget about the incredible versatility of the smart phone camera.  I have it on me 24-7. It has decent megapixel. And there’s those apps – like the Retro Camera app that I absolutely love.
We hope you enjoy and are inspired by the moments we capture and share with you!

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