Wednesday , 28 September 2022
Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Toppers

Are you looking for that hard to find “perfect” cupcake topper to announce your baby’s gender? We have created our very own cupcake toppers from scrapbooking paper, brads, and mini flowers.

Its a Girl Cupcake Toppers #3 - web

We made both boy and girl toppers since we don’t find out the gender until this Tuesday.

Its a Boy Cupcake Toppers - web

We simply printed out a small picture of a boot to use for the template.

Its a Girl Cupcake Toppers 2 - web

We had some spare letters and mini flowers left over from other scrapbooking projects so we used what we had.

Its a Boy Cupcake Toppers - B&W

In the end, these 16 toppers didn’t cost a thing and they are exactly what we were looking for!

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