Monday , 30 January 2023
Family Treasures

Family Treasures

My husband and I went for a walk through an old homestead last week.

Home Place Barn - web

We found a few treasures I wanted to share with you!

Bottle - web

This was my favorite treasure we found. However, we can’t seem to figure out what exactly it is. I guess we are gonna have to ask Grandma about this one. If you have any ideas, please comment.

Green Barrel - web

I think I’m in love with green… yup… I’ve decided my new favorite color is green… not a deep, dark green, but a bright cheerful green!

Handle - web

And again, I spot a green tinge on this door. Not much more says “country” than a good ole’ fashioned screen door.

Jar - web

Pulley - web

stone 1 - web

November 22, 1954 – The ole’ timers went to a lot of work making this slab…a real horseshoe and bit were inserted into it.

stone 2 - web

I’m glad our ancestors left this behind for us to admire!

Tractor 1 - web

Last but not least… a beautiful piece of machinery made it’s last stop alongside one of the buildings.

Photographs by Country Dove Photography.
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