Sunday , 24 October 2021
Flash Flood Watch

Flash Flood Watch

road 1

The road to my in-laws. I don’t think this road will ever get old.


These puddles are a beautiful sight after days of hot and dry weather. Hopefully the rain drops weren’t too big….large drops can damage a wheat crop quickly.

Valley - 4

Usually you can see for a long distance from this point but not tonight.

Valley - 5

I loved the shot of this lone pine tree with the sunset behind it.

Valley - 6

The rain coming down over the hills of Wenatchee.

Valley - 8

This is the best spot to see endless mountain tops. We also saw a guy working on the top of a steel phone tower out here…yes…during the lightning storm!

Valley - B&W 7

The rain mist made for a great shot with the Columbia River at the bottom of the picture. “Hi Cashmere!”

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  1. Great shots of a scary night …. Love the pine tree one … The colors are so rich

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