Wednesday , 18 September 2019
Free at Last

Free at Last

Adult 3Do you feel like there is someone watching you? Like gazing into your soul? Well…you can relax cause it’s just our friendly Guinea Hens!

Adult 1You see my dad has fallen in love with raising these things…we have big ones….

Baby 1small ones…

Herd 2Yes….we have 12 Guinea Hens altogether.

Baby 2In case you didn’t know…these things like to make nests. Let’s just say they need practice finding a safe spot for their nests! I mean there are coyotes up in these parts ya know.

Guinea 1And apparently Guineas don’t appreciate being stared at…

Guinea 2“Like seriously…I didn’t even put my makeup on this morning!”

Adult 2Guineas are also known for their beautiful singing…ok…maybe for their annoying cackle. Same thing!

Herd 1But all they care about right now is that they are free to roam after being cooped up in their coop for months. HA-get it? “Cooped” up?

Photos by Country Dove Photography

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