Sunday , 24 October 2021
Funky Home & Garden

Funky Home & Garden

Vintage Faire

I love old buildings, old wood that has survived many generations,
dressed up with festive colors celebrating simple country life!

New Life for Jars

What a cute idea for these canning jars! Who would’a thunk!?

Vintage Treasures

We love this idea ~ and I know just where to find some old 2×4′s ~
now where’s my saw . . .


I just wanted to snuggle into these skeins of wool ~ so soft and colorful ~
they will make the most beautiful afghans to warm you
on a chilly Spring evening!

Vintage Aprons

Instead of traditional curtains ~ why not use a collection of vintage aprons for
a little privacy ~ yet still allow the sunlight to shine through ~ ahhhh

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