Friday , 2 December 2022
Let the Blooming Begin!

Let the Blooming Begin!

Peony Maroon Bud

My favorite flower – the glorious pompous peony! Each spring they tentatively┬ápoke through the soil, gather momentum until it seems that just the next day they’ve grown six inches and then two days later they stand twenty-four inches tall and proud. The buds are now full and hinting at their final color, although several may fool you, showing a pink bud when they are really a creamy white with just a touch of pink on the petals.

Peony White Bud

┬áThere must be twenty plants here on our ranchette – all straining at their wire cages anticipating the moment the buds burst open and the weight of the flower bends them toward earth – the aroma permeating the landscape.

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