Wednesday , 28 September 2022
Secret to Fresh Veggies

Secret to Fresh Veggies

Do you want to keep your lettuce fresh for three times as long as normal? I used to store my lettuce, broccoli, and other veggies in the plastic bags I put them in from the grocery store…and hope I would be able to use it all before it spoiled… I’ve come across a simple way to keep them fresh three times longer than usual

Take your leaf lettuce, unwrap the little wire ….

Cut off the stalk end and discard…this stops the plant from “growing”

Wash lettuce (or broccoli, cauliflower, etc) and pat dry with paper towels


Fold up a paper towel and put in the bottom of a good Tupperware container and lay lettuce flat, you can even place another paper towel in the middle of the stack. This helps keep the excess moisture off the lettuce.

Trimming up your veggies ahead of time saves you so much time…just pull out of frig and throw in boiling water or steam.





I’ve even started putting my onions in small containers …
Once you cut it open, slip a paper towel into the container.
This trick is PERFECT for Cilantro – I love Cilantro, but don’t use a huge amount.
Use the same procedure and it keeps for 3 weeks or more! No more waste!!

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