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Silver Wings Ranch 3-Man Team Sorting

Silver Wings Ranch 3-Man Team Sorting

Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-01Saturday, August 31, 2013 we traveled to Ellensburg to the
Silver Wings Ranch 3-Man Sorting Competition.
Come to find out, it was the largest gathering of sorters on the West Coast!
There were 82 riders in the competition and some very nice horses.
Check back in about a week for the link to more photos of horses and riders available for purchase!

Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-02Silver Wings Ranch is owned by Roger and Jodi Braa of Ellensburg.  Tessa met Roger when she took a sorting clinic from him at Appleatchee in Wenatchee earlier this summer. She and I learned a lot in just one day.

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-03My handsome son-in-law, Adam with Tess and Jazz, who is 17 going on 7.
She lives up to her name and gives all she has in every competition.

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-04Tess waiting in the wings for the competition to begin.

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-05Each rider gets eight rides – in each session, names are drawn out of a tin can,
calling out 3 people who are then teammates, and then when
everyone is called, that session begins. Here is Tessa’s first session.

Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-06As the riders enter the pen, a number is called out, and the team has to bring
that cow into the adjoining pen without letting
any other cow, (a dirty cow) through.

Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-07After they get that number, say the “5″ cow, they go after the “6″ cow,
so on and so forth.  There are 11 cows in the pen (1-0 and a cow without a #).
I wasn’t sure why there were 11 cows,  but someone explained that when
they are sorting the final cow, there is still one cow left in the pen to
“sort” the final cow “from” … makes complete sense!
Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-08Tess turning and looking for the next cow.

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-09As Country Girls, we love anything Cowgirl Gypsy style – this was a
small travel trailer decorated in the popular Country Gypsy décor.

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-10And here is the door to the trailer – love the bull horns over the top, the
feather, and the red and purple – what’s a cowgirl to do!?

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-11Scoping out the next cow – both horse and rider are totally focused!

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-12She’s got her eye on the prize and bringing it around!

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-13Heading to the gate…

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-14Next cow – looks like she’s zeroing in on the #4 -
it doesn’t have a chance!

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-15And one veers off – out of the way, relieved he didn’t have to leave his buddies.

Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-16Pushing the cow toward the gate, Tess lets the other riders make sure he
gets through without turning back…

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-17Late afternoon sun gave us an interesting photo here -
half in and half out – lots of action!

 Silver Wings 3-man Sort 2013-18Tessa making sure that the man in the gate holds back the “dirty” cows!
Check back in about a week for the link to more photos of horses and riders available for purchase!

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