Wednesday , 28 September 2022
Team Roping

Team Roping

Roping 1

Appleatchee Low # Team Roping today in Wenatchee, Washington.

Roping 2There were over 330 teams in the morning and around 130 in the afternoon.

Roping 3Ya just can’t ever go wrong with a bay horse. Gorgeous!

Roping 4Roping 5

Many cowboys at the roping today and the horse trailers filled the lots.

Roping 6Roping for all ages.

Roping 7I’d like to know what these cowboys were talking about here. Although I seemed to have caught the attention of one alert horse….

Roping 8BRANDED…both horse and cowboy. Thanks Wrangler!

Roping 10Local cowboys and cowgirls from the Palisades joined the competition today. Looks good Brock and Kelsey!

Roping 9The “Coiled Closeup”



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  1. Tessa, I had no idea you were the Country Dove photography….they announced it once at the barrel race, and we all thought it said Country Love Photos….never had any idea it was you or I woulda talked to ya….I saw you over there and didn’t recognize you of course……when you post your barrel pics, I will put it on my timeline…..
    Love your eye for shots!!! Keep up the good work….

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