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Team Sorting August

Team Sorting August

 Sorting Aug11-2013-01Getting ready for team sorting – moved to indoor arena – rainstorm last night drenched outdoor arena

 Sorting Aug11-2013-02Great experience for the colt

 Sorting Aug11-2013-04Jazz does well with Sharmon aboard – back in the saddle after about 15 years

 Sorting Aug11-2013-05A little guy paid us a visit – is there anything quite as cute?

 Sorting Aug11-2013-06Steer bling

 Sorting Aug11-2013-07All decked out

 Sorting Aug11-2013-08Fearless

Sorting Aug11-2013-10Passing on the passion

 Sorting Aug11-2013-11Tara and Tess team up for a good showing

 Sorting Aug11-2013-12Tara takes a turn at sorting – that first steer is always the toughest

 Sorting Aug11-2013-13Stay with ‘em!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-15Sharmon keeps “the dirty cow” out of the gate!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-16Tess finding the first steer

 Sorting Aug11-2013-17Jazz ”encourages” the steer to move on out!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-18Helping her teammate to find the next steer

 Sorting Aug11-2013-20One way to take a rest…

 Sorting Aug11-2013-21Making friends

 Sorting Aug11-2013-22Sharmon and Tara taking a break

 Sorting Aug11-2013-23Tara tries her hand during another session

 Sorting Aug11-2013-24Come-on Lucky – get that steer!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-25Staying in the gate

Sorting Aug11-2013-27Sharmon and Jazz

  Sorting Aug11-2013-29And now we are stretching the ol’ back

 Sorting Aug11-2013-30Loping the colt - yes, we know, he needs it – and he took his left lead – thanks Diane!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-34Slow and Easy!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-32Yes, here is proof he took his left lead – wahoo!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-31He wasn’t always happy about it though

 Sorting Aug11-2013-37Pushing one through!  Good job Tara!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-40Tess gives Maddie instructions

  Sorting Aug11-2013-42Guiding Lucky toward the subject

 Sorting Aug11-2013-43What about that steer over there?  He looks easy!

 Sorting Aug11-2013-45Three cowgirls after a long hot competition

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  1. Awesome pics from the sorting…………indoors too!!! (:

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