Sunday , 24 October 2021
Velvet Tines

Velvet Tines

Deer 7

Not only is the wheat growing around here, but the deer are too.

Deer 2

These two didn’t make it across the road in time before we showed up so they scooted on down the hill to hide.

Deer 5

This is a pretty good group of bucks. Did you notice the far right buck has one very large left antler but his right side has forked into 4 already. So the story goes… if the left antler is growing odd then the buck may have injured himself on┬áhis right side somewhere.

Deer 4

No… the two on the right are not twins connected at the hip. I also love how their ears line up with their horns when they are running straight away from you, like the second one from the left is.

Deer 3

“Hey Uncle Muley, do you know there is someone watching us right now?”

Deer 6

Every buck has their own unique look to them, and these ones sure need to eat up.

Deer 1

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