Sunday , 24 October 2021
Winter Ride

Winter Ride

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 01Perfect day for a winter ride – no snow, mild weather,
and friends who want to go with you!

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 02

Getting the ponies saddled up. Our niece and her friends are
taking the horses out for a ride up the hill.

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 04Mounted and ready to head out.  Our faithful WSU Cougar stands guard!

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 05I’m kind of liking that little buckskin.  I’ll bet he’s flashy in the summer
when he’s all sleeked out.

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 06Winter Ride 1-20-14, 07 Our niece, Sharmon, teaching her kids, Tyler and Maddie to ride.
Her new horse, Dixie, the gray, has been a great horse for her
to get back into riding; and Lucky, the sorrel, is Tessa’s horse who has been
a great schooling horse – and big enough to carry Tyler who is like 6’3″ !

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 08And Sharmon’s daughter, Maddi, is riding double today
adventure – here we come!

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 09 Ride ‘em cowboys and cowgirls!

Winter Ride 1-20-14, 10

Off past the orchard and up the road to wide open spaces!  Giddy-up!

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