Friday , 2 December 2022
You Lookin’ at Me?

You Lookin’ at Me?

Cows 1Sunday afternoon my husband and I took a stroll out to see the mama cows and their sweet little babies.

Calf 10This is one of my favorite parts of raising cattle. I just never get tired of seeing a brand new baby calf. They are adorable!

Calf 3 B&WIt was a bright sunny day…a change in the weather we’ve been having…so needless to say all the calves were taking their afternoon cat nap…cow nap…calf nap? What do you call a calf when it’s napping?

Calf 2Our presence seemed to catch the attention of every cow and calf in sight. But that’s alright because I enjoy watching the calves stretch when they get up from their nap.

Calf 1Geez…did I forget to shower today?

Calf 6Surely my husband and I don’t smell that bad…

Calf 4we must have looked like really big coyotes, stalking them…a few of the scaredy cats took off running.

Calf 12However, there are always a few brave ones in the bunch. Maybe it’s because they are a bit older or…

Calf 12 coloredmaybe…

Cow & Calf 2it’s because their momma was right behind us and they know what that means.

Calf 11MILK!

Calf 8And plenty of it.

Calf 7 B&WThis brave soul stuck around for awhile even though his mom was trying to call him over…

Calf 9“What? You don’t scare me…What are YOU lookin’ at?” Don’t worry baby, you’re mamma behind you is keeping me on edge anyhow.

Cow & Calf 1Alright mama cows…we’ll leave you and your babies alone now. Sorry for the brief panic attacks you all had! I wish I could tell you that it’s not branding time yet. We’ll see you in May!

~Photos by Country Dove Photography
~Show Steers and Cuts of Packaged Beef can be purchased from Bromiley Cattle Company

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